Area of circle = pi x radius x radius where pi = 3.14159 If radius = 6 cm then Area = 3.14159 x 6 x 6 sq cm = 113.097 sq cm

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Jun 04, 2018 · 4. Find the area of the shaded region in figure, where a circular arc of radius 6 cm has been drawn with vertex O of an equilateral triangle OAB of side 12 cm as centre. Ans. Area of shaded region = Area of circle + Area of equilateral triangle OAB – Area common to the circle and the triangle = = = = =

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14 A sector of a circle radius r has a total perimeter of 12 cm. If its area is A cm2. show that A = 6r — F. Hence find the value of r for which A is a maximum and the corre- sponding value of the angle of the sector in radians. 15 In fig.6.34, the sector OAB has centre O and radius 6 cm and ZAOB = radians.

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Dec 16, 2020 · How to Calculate the Area of a Sector of a Circle. The total area of a circle is πR 2 corresponding to an angle of 2π radians for the full circle. If the angle is θ, then this is θ/2π the fraction of the full angle for a circle. So the area of the sector is this fraction multiplied by the total area of the circle. or (θ/2π) x (πR 2 ...

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Solution: Imagine a particle on the outer radius of each gear. After the gears have rotated for a period of time t > 0, the circular displacement of each particle will be the same. In other words, s 1 = s 2, where s 1 and s 2 are the distances traveled by the particles on the gears with radii r 1 and r 2, respectively.

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Mar 25, 2020 · If a circle has a radius of 5 inches, the area of that circle equals 3.14 x 5^2, or 78.5 square inches. The circumference is equal to pi times the circle's diameter. If the same circle is used, the diameter is equal to 10 (two times the radius), so the circumference equals 3.14 x 10, or 31.4 inches.

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Surface Area Find the surface area of the solid. If necessary, round your answer to the nearest whole number. (Lessons 9.2, 9.3) 47. A cone has a height of 12 meters and a base radius of 3 meters. 48. A pyramid has a slant height of 3 feet and a square base that measures 4 feet on a side. 49. A cylinder has a radius of 9 centimeters and a height of

(b) Show that sin 2 θ = 9 4 5. (c) Find the exact value of cos 2 θ. (Total 6 marks) 3. The following diagram shows a sector of a circle of radius r cm, and angle θ at the centre. The perimeter of the sector is 20 cm. (a) Show that θ = r 20 −2r. (b) The area of the sector is 25 cm 2. Find the value of r. (Total 6 marks) 4.

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Area of a Circle Formula. The area of a circle is pi times the square of its radius. The radius is half the diameter. Area = π * (Diameter / 2) 2

Find the area of a shaded region in the the following figure,where a circular arc of radius 7 cm has been drawn with vertex A of an equilateral triangle ABC of side 14 cm as centre. (Use π = 22/7 and \[\sqrt{3}\] = 1.73)

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Find the area of each circle. Use 3.14 for pi. To find the area of a circle, use the formula pi x radius2 = area. This formula is often written as A = πr2. The circle pictured here has a radius of 5 cm. r = 5 cm π ≈ 3.14 A = 3.14 x (5 cm x 5 cm) A = 3.14 x 25 cm2 A = 78.50 cm2 5 cm 12 cm a. b. 3 m c. 6 km d. 7 in. e. 9 mm f. 10 mi g. Kaylee ... This inner area, forming a sector of a smaller circle, needs to be subtracted from the previous value, in order to find the area that is swept by the actual wiper blade. This smaller area, using the same angle measure but having a smaller radius (namely, 12 cm), is:

The radius of the inner circle is Therefore, we have Find the volume of a solid of revolution formed by revolving the region bounded above by the graph of and below by the over the interval around the line

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Problem Find the area of the regular five-pointed star inscribed in a circle of radius 20 cm.

Click here👆to get an answer to your question ️ The perimeter of a sector of a circle of radius 5.2 cm is 16.4 cm. The area of the sector is .

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A 5 r2 5 (10)2 314 cm2 Now we need to find of 314 cm2 to determine the area of the sector formed by this central angle. 314 52.3 cm2 The area of the sector formed by central angle is about 52.3 cm2. The formula used to determine the sector area for any central angle is A S 5 r2, where A S is the area of the sector and r is the radius of the circle. 2 Area of a Sector of a Circle: The sector of a circle is a region bounded by a central angle and its intercepted arc. Formula: A = ½r2θ A = Area (units squared!!) r = radius θ = central angle in RADIANS!!! Ex. 1) Find the area of the sector of a circle whose central angle is 7π/8 and the radius is 3 cm.

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Dec 02, 2020 · Example 14: The internal radius of a hollow cylinder is 8 cm and thickness of its wall is 2 cm. Find the volume of material in the cylinder, if its length is 42 cm. Solution: Since, internal radius = 8 cm π r = 8 cm, thickness of the wall of the cylinder = 2 cm. ∴ Its external radius = 8 cm + 2 cm = 10 cm i.e., R = 10 cm. Example 02 Arcs of quarter circles are drawn inside the square. The center of each circle is at each corner of the square. If the radius of each arc is equal to 20 cm and the sides of the square are also 20 cm. Find the area common to the four circular quadrants.

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Find the area of a shaded region in the the following figure,where a circular arc of radius 7 cm has been drawn with vertex A of an equilateral triangle ABC of side 14 cm as centre. (Use π = 22/7 and \[\sqrt{3}\] = 1.73)

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Practice 4.2 Areas of Sector Find the exact area of the figure below. 1. 2. If the radius is 10 ft, what will be the area of the circle? 3. A circle has a circumference of 22π ft. What is its area? 4. The circumference of a circular park is 34π yd. What is the area of the park? Find the area of each shaded region. 5. 6. 7. The distance r from the center of the circle to the circle itself is called the radius; twice the radius (2r) is called the diameter. The radius and diameter are illustrated below. The Circumference of a Circle . As with triangles and rectangles, we can attempt to derive formulas for the area and "perimeter" of a circle.